Steve Hardy

mix engineer to the famous and the almost famous

Steve Hardy is a world class mixer. Prior to working with him I was very impressed by his mixes. When we first met, I learned that some I heard were engineered very haphazardly in dire acoustical environments (not by him of course). In some cases, parts were executed questionably. Wow. I could not believe the thoroughly professional sound he brought to these tracks. I literally thought, “this man performs audio miracles!” Steve has great taste and excellent ears, and always a pleasure to work with.
Lyle Workman
Of my 11 solo albums, the 2 that Steve engineered and mixed are the best sounding ones. On top of that, he is a riot to work with, no drama at all, just tone for days.
Marty Friedman | former Megadeth guitarist
First of all, Steve Hardy loves music. Or should I say, he's a professional mix engineer and yet he still loves music. He's as excited by it now as he was when I first met him 13 years ago. That's not always the case in this business. He's got great ears and he uses them to hear and reveal the potential in your music, as one would hope and expect, but he also hears you. He's as good at taking direction as he is at taking the reigns. A brilliantly talented guy.
Matt Scannell | Vertical Horizon
Brilliant mixer! Even better to work with now that he does't smoke.
Steve Lillywhite | producer (U2, Dave Mathews Band, Peter Gabriel)
Great ears. Great instincts. Steve is so musical. Great tracking engineer and mixer. Plus, he brings a great vibe to the studio. I would recommend him highly for any situation.
Shawn Pelton | Drummer, SNL, Cheryl Crow
Steve Hardy stands out from the pack of recording and mixing engineers. He has an uncanny ability to efficiently and quickly achieve the exact sound strived for by a producer and/or artist. He has the ears of a dog; he can discern he slightest increment of 'pitchy-ness' that eludes the hearing of mere mortals. He is also one of the last of the old-school rock engineers -- he is as comfortable tracking to tape as he is running the latest version of Pro Tools. The Hardyman Rocketh!!
John Cusimano | The Cringe
The most common comment I get from people about The LookOut Kids' EP Snitches Get Stitches is, 'There's no way you guys are a two piece.' Steve Hardy managed to transform drums and baritone guitar (not layered) into a massive sound which is no small feat! He has the unique ability to make any audio sound punchy, full and clean regardless of how it was recorded. Beyond his epic mixing skills, Steve is one of the most professional yet friendly people I have ever worked with. I cannot recommend him enough, he's the best out there!
Sarah Scarlata | The Lookout Kids
Steve Hardy is easily one of the most talented people I've worked with in the industry. His mixes are masterful, and while his style is unique, he is able to deliver an artist's vision with an equal degree of excellence. He also happens to be one of the most generous people I've encountered in any walk of life.
Josh Ingber | The Upwelling
I have worked with Steve Hardy for a number of projects - when it comes to mixing, he's been my first call for years. Whether its for a film score or for a record, Steve's sensibility always surprises me, and the music I've been working on always goes to an entirely new level once he's put his touch on it. Also, he's a super nice guy.
Brian T Murphy | producer
Steve is not only an incredible mixing engineer, but has quickly become one of my favorite people in the music business. He's reliable, efficient and treats each job with the utmost care.
Ashton Allen | solo artist, Rock Salt Songwriters